Ebony + Brenten


Such a simple word, but it carries so much weight. Some people spend their entire lives searching, waiting, and hoping for it, but then there are those who have it. Who cherish it. Who fight for it…………. And that in a nutshell is the relationship between Brenten & Ebony. 


I first met Brenten, founder of 20Sumn, at a creative workshop; A few weeks later, I had the pleasure of meeting his girlfriend, Ebony, founder of EyeChoose. Brenten and Ebony are two inspiring and ambitious individuals, but when they're together they're powerful and a force to be reckoned with. 


When I reached out to Brenten and Ebony, I wasn’t interested in taking posed shots, but rather I wanted to capture the very essence of love…….Their love……..Black love.  


L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y, I wanted to capture L.O.V.E in its rawest form. Unposed. Unedited. Unscripted. 

So, I asked Ebony and Brenten to take a stroll around the neighborhood while I continuously snapped candid images of them. The images turned out so pure, raw, and honest.




Rise & Pride: Natalia

Meet Natalia, the dopest chick that I have ever met. 


Seriously, I was SO glad when Natalia reached out to me to take some fresh new portraits of her that captured the very essence of her personality. 


Prior to her session, I asked her to give me 3 words that best described her..... the R-E-A-L her. The words she chose were: strong, kind-hearted, and humble. This helped me customize her session and piece together various poses that best suited her. 

We came up with some crazy-cool locations and managed to cover four hours of shooting time.... all. before. noon. 


My favorite part about this session, was having Natalia trust me whole-heartedly. I told her my creative vision and she was always down to do whatever pose I felt was best. We stood outside in the blistering cold for hours just to capture the perfect shot(s) and of course...... for me to get those angles (insert face with smirk). 


The fact that I've been good friends with Natalia since freshman year of high-school was the icing on the cake. She was confident, bold, and charismatic during the shoot which lead to some pretty cool pictures. Check it out. 





Marlena + Jared


This. Is. Personal. 

There are so many thoughts that run through my mind when I think of my sister, Marlena. 

Since I was a little girl, her love has always remained faithful......true......and without end. During some of the darkest moments of my life she was always there for me; always encouraging me to keep the faith and to always fight the good fight. 

My sister is my beating heart. My hero. My biggest cheerleader. My Inspiration. She is the reason why I strive to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be every. single. day. 

Her colgate smile and her infectious laugh can brighten even the darkest days and I am so proud and honored to have her as my forever sister and built-in-bestfriend. 

So, for Christmas, I knew that it was only right to give my sister a gift that she greatly desired: a couples session. 

Photographing Marlena and Jared reminded me of the "old school" type of love-- you know......that 90's throwback R&B type of love.


 From the moment I started shooting, they were inseparable. Marlena and Jared were sneaking in extra kisses, holding hands like giddy school kids, and they even started playing the old school hand games.


It was truly a joy to capture their adorable session. 


Emily + Justin


I first met Emily at Chili's, we were both working as waitresses.  At the time, I was trying to collect enough coins to pay my way through college and she had just moved to the area with  her husband, Justin. From the moment we met, Emily and I instantly clicked. We munched on all of the "dead" food in the kitchen (Sorry, Nick!), laughed obnoxiously at all of our side jokes, and even enjoyed Applebee's margaritas--after our shifts were over.

Being around Emily, was always a guaranteed good time. So, when I had the pleasure of photographing an in-home couples session with her and Justin, I was b-e-y-o-n-d thrilled. 


Emily and Justin were the first couple that I ever photographed and it was an experience that I will never forget. Emily was a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y flawless, her vibrant personality and easy-going demeanor made it so easy to snap some great candids. Seriously, she didn't even have to try. 

My favorite part about the session, was taking photographs in Emily's room. It was the perfect location, because it brimmed with natural light and honestly, to me, it was a clear example of her and Justin's marriage: a marriage filled with a lot of light & a lot of love. 


The love that Justin and Emily have for each other is no ordinary love, but rather a love that stands the test of time. Emily, is a military spouse, and ever since I have known her she has always exemplified a woman of integrity, grace, and strength. Throughout Justin's deployments, I have observed Emily handle the distance with an up-beat attitude. She always remained faithful and optimistic and continuously showed her love and support for her husband. 


I know without a doubt, Emily & Justin will continue to thrive abundantly in this thing called life.