Photo by Dani White Photography


Hey there! I'm Diane, welcome to my world. 

To make a long story short, I booked a one way flight and traveled solo across 5 different countries; I've never been the same since. 


Why? Because I have tasted the life that I want. A life where I am not required to settle or compromise or...."learn to adjust." Traveling opened me up. It destroyed what was dying in me and unveiled a secret power I never knew existed: art through photography. 

Many of you.....if not all of you....are trapped in lives you think you must live. I'm here to tell you and show you that it's ok to slip into another way of life. After all, life is permeable, things change, our dreams meander in different directions and that. is. o-k-a-y. 

My revamped website will not only display portrait and lifestyle photography, but it will also serve as a vessel for all of my adventures and how you too can travel on a budget and change your mundane life. 

So, with that said.... let's go for an adventure ! Book me for session ! or just say hello !